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Redesigning A Website

Redesigning a website is a task all business owners will be faced with. On average, most businesses will redesign their website every 2-5 years. Nothing will drive customers or prospective clients away faster than an out-of-date site that doesn’t accurately reflect your business.

We find many client’s have websites they have maintained for many years which don’t contain the features they want and certainly don’t reflect the type of look they want to present to the world.

Featured Redesign

Arvada Eye Care came to Colorado WordPress Solutions with a simple goal, they wanted a site which accurately reflected their business. For many years they had continued to use the first website a developer had created for them. While it was very basic, for a time it served the intended purpose, an online presence.

Over the years, as their client base grew as well as their overall business, they continued to use this older design. As we got to know more about their situation we found out (which is likely true of many businesses), that they didn’t have the time to deal with a lengthly drawn out redesign process.

That’s where we came in. After an initial consultation and a follow up design questionnaire, we got to work and in less than 4 weeks, had their newly designed site ready to go and had trained their staff in how to make updates.

Arvada Eye Care Homepage Before

Here's an image of what the Arvada Eye Care site looked like before a redesign.

Here is the homepage of Arvada Eye Care after the recent redesign. You’ll notice the site has an updated look – and updated functionality. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around their site. This was done with our Progressive Install Package. From conception to launch it took less than 4 weeks.

The client went from having an antiquated site coded purely with HTML that was quite difficult to update – to having an easily updatable site that they feel accurately showcases their services. With the addition of crisp new images, the site really pops while still retaining a clean and elegant feel.

We also combined their forms into the backend dashboard, which eliminated a clumsy 3rd party system which they had to manage separately in the old site. The result is their on-site web manager has everything in one place.

Here's the Homepage after a redesign. Notice the contemporary colors, clean lines and crisp imagery.

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