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on June 12, 2015

colorado web designColorado web design and development is what we do here at We’ve spent the last 20 years honing our design capabilities. Our platform of choice for all but purely ecommerce-sites is WordPress. While WordPress started as a blogging platform, it has grown into a fantastic content management system that can scale to meet a wide variety of business needs.

There are literally hundreds of local Colorado businesses that are the perfect candidates for a site built on the WordPress platform. Many past clients have come to us not having a site to represent their business or if they had a site, it lacked the look of a professionally built website. Nothing will drive potential customers away faster than a site that is poorly designed. Today, we all recognize a quality site when we see it. If the site isn’t clean and contemporary, chances are customers are moving on.

Lack of functionality is another attractive reason to have a redesign completed. We often find clients that use two or three different platforms to manage their website. They may have forms on one site, payment processing on another and content management on a third. Using WordPress as the backend system means all your site mangagement can be in one location. This greatly reduces the time spent managing your website and means you have more time to address other aspects of your business.

With the recent updates Google has made regarding non-responsive sites being dinged in search queries, it’s imperative that your site is mobile-friendly. Using WordPress, your site can be responsive and you won’t need to worry about slipping in the organic search results.

If you’re interested in a new website design or redesigning your current site, please contact us via email or by phone at: 303-482-2080. We service all of Colorado as well as maintaining many national and international clients.

cwsbrentColorado Web Design

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