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Why Choose WordPress?

on December 17, 2014

why choose wordpressWhy Choose WordPress as the foundation for your website? With so many content management platforms out there – why should you choose WordPress over another platform? It really comes down to a few key points.

1. Fantastic Themes – There are hundreds of WordPress themes available. A “theme” gives your website a distinctive look and specific functionality. Each theme can be further customized to fit your specific business model. What we often do as developers is choose a theme which closely reflects what the client is looking for and then customize from there. This is a budget conscience approach to delivering a high-quality site. We can of course create a fully customized site using WordPress for the backend. However for many small businesses, having a fully customized WordPress site (or any completely customized site) is not only expensive, but requires a considerable amount of time and energy from our team and yours. We’ve found that many clients are very satisfied with a partially-customized theme approach.

2. Thousands of Plugins Available – Need an amazing image gallery? You can find a plugin to provide it. Need a Q&A section? WordPress plugins offer that as well. As WordPress is an open-source platform, developers have created a plethora of add-ons, or as WordPress refers to them, “plugins”. Plugins deliver all kinds of increased functionality to your site. If you’re in need of a particular feature which your theme doesn’t offer, chances are there is a plugin available. Advanced features such as image galleries, ecommerce shopping carts, SEO tools, social sharing features and so much more are available via plugins. Many plugins are free to use, others do require a purchase. To get similar functionality on other competing platforms will potentially cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

3. Robust Content Management System – Many people hear “WordPress” and the first thing that comes to mind is blogging. It’s true that WordPress was designed initially as a blogging platform. However, it has quickly turned into one of the premier content-driven platforms available. As content is so important for rankings as well as defining who your are to your audience, using WordPress for the backbone of your site means you’ll have a highly functional systematic approach to adding and managing your content.

4. Mobile Friendly – While all WordPress themes are not responsive or mobile friendly, the vast majority of new themes are. Have a theme that isn’t mobile ready? There are plugins available to make older non-responsive sites mobile ready. As more and more online experiences are via phones and tablets, having a mobile friendly site is quickly becoming a must-have.

5. SEO – As a whole, WordPress without any additional SEO plugins does fairly well organically. There are many simple tweaks you can do to a WordPress site to make it perform better in the engines. Beyond the simple tweaks and what makes WordPress stand out from other platforms, are the high-quality SEO focused plugins available. SEO focused plugins can help you write blog posts in a more SEO-friendly manner, create better page-titles, easily submit your site to engines, enhance your rankings and so much more!

6. Ease of Use – Yes, everyone says their platform is easy to use. It’s a common selling point for out-of-the-box solutions. The reality is that some platforms really aren’t overly intuitive, especially for the average person that does not have prior website editing experience. Manipulating HTML, let alone PHP – can be quite daunting. One arena where WordPress really shines is in allowing a non-technical person to easily create new pages, posts, add content, videos and upload images.  Often times we can educate a client within an hour regarding everything they’ll need to know to effectively manage their site.

7. Scalability – A defining characteristic of WordPress is that it can grow with your business. As your business develops it’s likely that you’ll want your site to reflect this. New trends, new functionality and new vertical channels are all great reasons to have a site that easily grows along with you. This can range from adding an ecommerce component, adding live chat, tracking user actions – the list goes on and on. WordPress allows clients to easily add new features and functionality without starting over at zero.

8. It’s Easy to get Help – As WordPress is one of the more popular platforms for website creation, help isn’t far away. If you are in need of a qualified developer to further tweak your site, any experienced WordPress developer (like Colorado WordPress Solutions) will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with your website and get to work. Complex custom coding and overly confusing platforms can make future changes difficult – and costly. With such a large developer community to support the platform, you know you’ll have many options available when considering outside help.

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