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Build a Website – Yes or No?

on June 24, 2015

So You Want to Build a Website?

build a websiteAfter much deliberation, you’ve finally decided you want to build a website. You have realized a website for your business is a necessity. However, the thought of building a website for the first time can be quite overwhelming. It’s likely one of the reasons there exists so many out-of-the-box website solutions. There are a host of companies promising you a website in just a matter of hours that will look unique, have all the tools you need and will be coded in such a way as to magically attract traffic. If only it were that easy! The problem with many of those “instant website” platforms is you get what you pay for. The reality is creating and managing an effective website takes time and effort. If you’re not a web designer it also means you’ll likely need to hire a professional. For many people, they do not have the time or inclination to invest in finding a platform, learning the backend and then implementing an effective website.

The good news is that creating a highly professional website really requires only three steps.

The first would be to purchase a domain name. You’ll need a unique name for your site. As many common website domain names are already taken, it’s best to get creative and determine a domain that will accurately reflect your business and yet be unique enough to still be available for purchase. Yes, you can always contact the owner of that “perfect domain” and try to purchase it directly. Most times however, unless you work for a large company with unlimited resources, this is a costly way to obtain a website domain. It’s better to take some time, get crafty and create something unique. We find a good place to purchase from. A few things to keep in mind while determining what your domain name will be:

  • Is it easy to type?
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • Use an appropriate extension

For a detailed description on everything to consider when choosing a domain name, please check out this page.

Next you’ll need a host. There are thousands of hosting companies. How do you decide which to go with? First off, free hosting isn’t the route to take for any serious business site. Free sites don’t have the features, space and support that you’re going to need. That leaves you with paid hosting. There are 3 main types of hosting available, Shared Servers, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers.

For a informational website with 10-50 pages, going with a Shared Sever is likely the best option. A shared server is cheaper (as you’re “sharing” server space with other sites), however your site performance could be effected if other sites are taking up too much server space. If you go with a reputable company and space issues on your server become a problem, they likely will resolve for you. Given the cost and the features provided, we feel a Shared Server is likely the best option.

Dedicated Servers are generally for businesses with a lot of traffic. The server is only for your business. For most small companies, especially for those with relatively low traffic, this is definitely not the direction to take as Dedicated Servers are the most expensive option.

The third choice is a Virtual Server. A Virtual Server is a good idea for a small business that will receive a higher level of traffic. It’s also a good idea for any type of ecommerce store as a Shared Server likely won’t have enough resources to effectively power your store. Again, for most new websites that have a limited number of pages and aren’t selling products – a Shared Server is likely the best option. Make sure when choosing your host that you do a bit of research on the hosting company. Do they have a lot of negative reviews? Do they offer FTP uploads? Do they offer easy blog installation? Try sending a support ticket before signing up. How quick are they to respond?

The final piece to the puzzle is creating the website. That’s where a website design and development company like Colorado WordPress Solutions comes in. It’s a smart choice having a develpment company build the website for you. Rather than taking hours upon hours of your time figuring out how to install WordPress, customize a theme and add relevant features, why not have us do that for you? You’ll want a website that is highly professional, unique and most importantly – easy for you to update moving forward. While we certainly can and do manage client websites, we find most would prefer to update site content on their own. That’s a big reason we have chosen WordPress as our primary development platform. WordPress offers clients a relatively easy to manage backend, fantastic features and contemporary themes.

If you’re interested in having a professional website created for your business, please contact Colorado WordPress Solutions at 303-482-2080 or check us out online at


cwsbrentBuild a Website – Yes or No?

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